Quick Review: Eric Church – “Caught In The Act: Live”

Eric Church’s “Caught In The Act” makes a fine case for why you should get yourself a ticket to one of the country-rocker’s energetic shows.

The Skinny:

Recorded live at the Tivoli theater in Chattanooga, Tennessee, “Caught In The Act” is a very engaging live album that finds Eric Church and his band at the top of their game, feeding off the crowd and playing heavy as hell. It’s safe to say Church wears his rocker hat proudly live, his sound steeped in distortion with more than a sprinkle of twang. It would be annoying if it didn’t feel authentic, and not just a hat-act playing Telecaster’s through Rectifiers. Nope, Church is very sure of where he stands, sounding just as influenced by AC/DC as he is Merle Haggard, even throwing in riffs from “Thunderstruck” and Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” during the set.

Early on in the concert Eric tells the crowd, “I’m going to give you every ounce of everything I have from here to the end, but you’ve got to give it back.” And both he and the crowd deliver on that promise, oozing atmosphere and energy at every turn, never wasting a moment. The sound and mix are great, and with seventeen songs spanning three albums, the band delivers more than enough without feeling bloated. Basically? It rocks. Whether you’re a fan or a new set of ears interested in his music, I’d recommend giving it a shot.

My Favorite Moment:

It seems like every song in the set has a point where the crowd sings-along, it’s just that kind of show, but the most poignant moment on the recording definitely comes at the end during Eric Church’s biggest-hit, “Springsteen“. After setting the mood with the first crowd-sung “Oh, whoa, oh’s”, Eric recalls the memory of his first amphitheater concert and how connecting melodies to memories is the whole idea behind “Springsteen”. He then proceeds to sing “Born To Run”, and you can practically feel the crowd making their own memory, those very same connections that drive us to chase those feelings and to go back to where that memory lives, perhaps inside of a single song.


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