Free And Easy

*** I have to start off by saying, from the bottom of my heart, this story is in no way intended to be a name drop, nor is it meant to exploit anyone. I believe that after you read the full story this will be plain enough for you to see. *** So there I was: Nashville, Tennessee. Standing on … Read More

Dreams & Old Strings

If you have a few minutes to spare, I’d love to share a story with you, a personal story. But be warned, not only does it involve the topic of dreams, but it also has a heaping dose of hope. I know, I know, dreams and hope. It sounds like the title to a Lifetime movie about a girl named … Read More

Is It Always This Hot?

I’ve been a native Texan my whole life, going on twenty-five years now, so you think that I would be used to the heat. But every Summer, like clock work, I’m surprised at how hot it gets in the Lone Star state. And I know I’m not the only one, because I hear it from all over when I’m out … Read More

Birthday Ruminations/Album Update

As of April 4th, 2017, I am officially a quarter of a century in age. Gone are the days of youthful stupidity, now when I’m being dumb I have no arbitrary number to assign to my stupidity, I’m simply being dumb. Which reminds me, I should stop being dumb now… I’ll put that on my to-do list. Okay, to be … Read More